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Environmental Management System (EMS)

Since its establishment, our plant, which is very sensitive about the environment, has been carrying out landscaping and green field studies. With 40.000 m2 green field work, 1 million trees were planted on 144.000 acreage field. Approximately 20,000 saplings are planted on a special forest area each year and regular annual maintenance is carried out.

There are continuous emission measurement devices in the main chimneys of the rotary kiln and the in the trass drying chimney in the plant. Flue gas emissions are monitored and recorded on-line in computer environment by authorized institutions.

In order to implement all environmental activities as a systematic management method, the Company started to establish ISO 14001 Environmental Management System since the end of 2009. She was awarded with "ISO 14001: 2005 Environmental Management System Certificate" by the QEB on 12.07.2010. With the TS EN ISO 14001 environmental management system that it has established by integrating it into other management systems, environmental performance is monitored systematically and continuously improved.

Our factory has fulfilled its obligations within the scope of Environmental Legislation, respecting the environment and fulfilling all legal regulations.