Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems / Occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS)

Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS)

Within the scope of the project of establishing OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System at the 26 Cement Plants of Cement Manufacturers Employer Union in September 2003, Goltas Cimento A.S. also started to work on and reached a great achievement by having the second factory that was granted with Ohsas 18001 from the British Standards Institution (BSI) on December 15, 2004. (Date of the document: January 17, 2005)

In line with this project, Goltas A.S. is aware of the importance of occupational health and safety for all her employees and it is an indication that Goltas Cimento works specifically to make her employees more competent in their duties with continuous trainings and performs all these activities by considering human health.

Goltas provides all the visitors entering into her site with the visitor cards, visitor warning form and personal protective materials even if they only stay 1 minute and provides insurance, health report and trainings for the employees of the contractors even if they only work 1 minute in the site. These are unbearable risks for Goltas Cimento A.S. and indicate its attention for human life.

Commission is established for all kinds of accidents, investigations are carried out and measures are taken to prevent accidents.

The health care unit, including the staff having knowledge of physical, chemical and biological risks in the workplaces to create a healthy and safe working environment, the highly modern Goltas Cimento infirmary and the general surgeon workplace physician, serves for the employees in the site. In addition, the infirmary continues its activities by addressing the issue of human health and by intervening in any accident that may occur in the vicinity of Goltas Cimento.

The OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System aims to identify the health and safety risks of our employees and to reduce the occupational accidents and occupational diseases to zero. For this purpose, it is a management system that manages hazards, accidents and risks, and reduces targets when possible.

In order to ensure the continuous operation of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System, the principals of continuous improvement by determining management program and its officers and taking necessary measurement not after but before accidents are adopted and it operates the control mechanism for the check of the annual targets.

In this way, Göltaş Çimento A.Ş. has the pride of being one of the few companies to ensure that they meet with occupational safety and relevant EU standards in our country; in addition, it educates her staff about being competent in Occupational Health and Safety and everyone who entered the Goltas Cimento’s site is informed about Occupational Health and Safety issues.