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Our Policy


Understanding the importance of cement in the development of countries and in the security of all living creatures, especially of human and aiming to produce, maintain and supply products with the quality that meets our customers' needs and expectations and the standards in force by increasing our energy consumption efficiency with our culture based on social, environmental, legal and ethical values; aiming to use and protect energy resources in the most efficient manner, Goltas Cimento A.S. undertakes;

  • To ensure customer satisfaction at the highest level by manufacturing products that meet customer needs and demands within the framework of national and international standards;
  • to make reliable production with competitive quality standards by procurement of qualified input from reliable sources,
  • To comply with the standards, national and local laws, Cement Industry Environmental Declaration and other requirements,
  • To increase the competence of our human resources with education,
  • To provide the necessary information and resources to achieve the quality, environment, energy, occupational health and safety objectives determined in line with our policy, and to raise awareness of our employees;
  • To work for the happiness of all parties by considering their employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and society as parts of the whole,
  • To examine and apply the measures to prevent the recurrence of all kinds of work accidents, risky situations and near-miss conditions,
  • To target "Zero Work Accidents",
  • To prevent injury and health problems,
  • To apply controls to protect everyone who works for Goltas Cimento A.S. for dangers,
  • To ensure the rehabilitation of the quarries which are abandoned for technical and / or economic reasons and restore of them to the nature,
  • To make energy-efficient choices in the purchase of products, equipment and services.
  • To avoid pollution at the source by using high-efficiency production and treatment technologies, to use energy and natural resources efficiently, and to prevent from environmental degradation and to protect biodiversity and ecosystems by reducing the negative impacts of our activities on the environment,
  • To ensure control of waste, dust and gas emissions, water and soil pollution and noise sources and energy consumption points in our facility,
  • To protect the company image that respects the environment and society,
  • To continuously review and improve the quality, environment, energy, occupational health and safety performance

within the scope of Management Systems.