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Goltas Hazır Beton A.S.

Provides services to its customers as quality pioneer with its 5 plants with modern equipment, 11 mobile pumps and 45 truck-mixers in Isparta, Burdur and Antalya. It also provides service to huge projects which take place within its sale hinterland by building project based plants. Our company uses sub-contractor's vehicles to transport and pump produced concrete. Our company is able to increase or decrease number of equipment according to workload to increase service quality and customer satisfaction. With its 350 ton/h capacity crushing and sieving plant which is located in the factory site, Isparta Goltas Cimento A.S is the biggest aggregate producer in the region. Plant mixed concrete plant and also market aggregate requirement is met from this crushing and sieving plant.

Goltas Hazir Beton A.S. is a member of Turkish Ready-Mixed Concrete Association With its wide production range Goltas Hazir Beton A.S. has TSE(Turkish Standard Institutions), CQE (Council OF Quality and Environment) and TRMCA Quality assurance system certificate. In our products cements produced by Goltas Cimento A.S. are used.

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Goltas Enerji A.S.

The company was established on 01.04.1998 to generate clean and cheap electricity energy for the group companies and our company and it generates energy based on renewable source)hydro at 43,4 MWm power Esen-2 HES built on Esen River in Mugla, Seydikemer and 60 MWm power Esen-1 HES facilities.

Facilities with total 103,4 MWm installed power were planned as Esen-1 HES will generate average 216,3 GWh energy annually and Esen-2 HES will generate average 187,5 GWh energy annually as annual total 403,8 GWh energy.

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Orma A.S.

In this complex, unprocessed forest products inputs are turned into most sophisticated technology products; with its world - standard technology, this complex is the most advanced and diverse plant complex of the Turkey.

All products of Orma comply with the international standards as TSEN and European Union EN norms.

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Elmasu A.S.

The company was established on 30.07.1991 to produce and market any kinds of fruit and vegetable and especially fruit juice concentrate by the apple being the product of Isparta and aseptic tomato paste and be engaged in contracted arable vegetable growing.

In addition to the apple, sour cherry, pomegranate, quince, carrot, grape is used for concentrated production.

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Elmatas A.S.

The company was established on 19.10.1990 to dry and market any kinds of fruit and vegetable and apple especially being the product of Isparta.

At the facility, in addition to apple, tomatoe, pepper, leek, celery, brocoli can be dried. Especially, it produces and markets dry apple and apple flour to Turkey and world leader industrial organizations in the sectors of biscuit, cake and bagel for breakfast.

Dried apple produced for the industry since 2010 was offered for sale under the brand of “Puccinelli-Elmatas crisp dried apple” in the retail sector, in national markets and drew great attention.

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