Clinker and Cements Products / Clinker and Cements


Limestone requirement of Goltas Cimento A.S is met by its own limestone quarries at about 3 km distance.

Minerals, being tertiary old and rich in lime (containing minimum 90% CaCO3 in chemical composition) are called as limestone and formulated as CaCO3.

The purest forms of limestone are calcite and aragonite. Chalk and limestone are its most widespread forms.

The facts that limestone deposits used as the raw material of the cement is close to the plant, quarry management is easy, they constitute low humidity and are homogenous are the most important factors affecting cement production costs.

Limestone to be used for cement production should meet the following requirements in accordance with TS EN 197-1 standard:

  • Calcium carbonate content (CaCO3) should be minimum 75% by mass.
  • Clay content should not exceed 1,20g/100g.
  • Total organic carbon content should not exceed 0,50%.